About us


ARTEFF is a start-up which combines over than 20-years long engineering experience in the field of challenging technical solutions to satisfy many of our clients: pipe manufacturers, steel and nonferrous metal producers.

Each of solutions presented at this web site has its own history and implementation at industrial sites of many a mill in Russia and the countries of CIS.

An impulse to start the company came from lots of inquiries from our clients asking for non-standard engineering design to automate their technology.

In 2020 a group of partner enterprises decided to establish a new brand which would hold under its roof a bunch of non-standard technical products which are of most interest for our customers. The products which most importantly are supported by working experience of our experts.

  • At ARTEFF, each project is a full-featured realization of key stages: technical design, equipment manufacturing, software design, installation and commissioning.
  • At ARTEFF, each project is expert team works, with high competence in the field of an input project task.
  • At ARTEFF, each project is maintaining service of supplied equipment with effective support during product lifecycle.